Detroit Recap/Jays Preview

I am tempted to go blathering on extensively about the Tigers series but really it’s all completely irrelevant.

If Josh Beckett and Clay Buchholz don’t pitch better, the suck of the bullpen will be a footnote.

One thing sticks out to me, though. On Opening Day when going to the ninth in  a tie game, Valentine went with Melancon rather than Aceves. The only advantage Aceves has over other pitchers is his ability to pitch multiple innings. It seems to me then that a tie game in the late innings is the perfect time to bring him in. He can pitch the 9th and the tenth and maybe the 11th if necessary.

I missed the last half of the third game because I came back from being away for the weekend and accidentally saw the result online as I was halfway through. I decided the better part of valor was to skip that game.

As for Toronto, I find myself excited by the starts from Doubront and Bard.  If we get what we expect from Lester, Beckett, and Buchholz, the lineup should score a ton of runs and that leaves the bullpen and the back of the rotation to determine whether this team wins anything.