Some Random Thoughts About The SuperBowl

I’ll skip past the deflated ball nonsense. Once I heard there was only one ball significantly under the required pressure, it lost all meaning to me.

Winning is more than fun. I wanted this SuperBowl more than any but the first, which makes that win the fourth most excellent win of my life.

The narrative that the Patriots didn’t win the game so much as the Seahawks lost it is annoying, at least in part because it’s so damn stupid.

Pete Carroll did cost the Seahawks the game. Or rather, the difference between Bill Belichick and Pete Carroll is why the Patriots won and the Seahawks lost. It wasn’t the play call, that’s stupid. If they wanted to run four plays—and they did—then they had to pass on one of them and it had to be either second down or third because they didn’t have the time outs to stop the clock.

And there it is.

Why didn’t they have the time outs to stop the clock? Because the team didn’t get to the line of scrimmage quickly enough after the Kearse magical reception and they had to call one there.

Yes, that’s right, a Pete Carroll coached team wasn’t disciplined enough to get to the line of scrimmage quickly after a long pass play and it cost them the time out that dictated the play call.

And, of course, even after the interception, the Patriots had to do something with the ball. Before the Seattle penalty, Brady was standing in the end zone to receive the snap. Sure, he probably could have snuck for a yard or two, or at least gotten out of the end zone to avoid the safety, but it’s not a sure thing.

So the Pats bet that a Pete Carroll coached team would be undisciplined in a big moment on the highest stage the game has. And they won.

But it’s more than Pete Carroll’s deficiencies, it’s that the team had prepared well enough to know what that formation meant. There’s a moment where the coaches recognize the formation and immediately send Butler in. He recognized the formation and knew where the pass was going, so he could get there before the receiver had a chance to catch it.

Because make no mistake, that was a pass play that is successfully completed almost every single time.



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