2/23/12 Rays 4, Sox 3

Box Score

I don’t intend to post about every spring training game because that would be tedious for everyone involved. This was the first televised game of the spring, through, so I’m going to post away.

Don and Jerry were in midseason form, laughing it up and neglecting to tell us who was batting–before the fifth inning and everything got screwy. I rather suspect this is going to be a terrible season in that regard.

John Lackey looked like a guy who hasn’t pitched in a year and a half. His arm didn’t fly off and hit someone in the stands, so it was a positive outing.

Pretty much all the Red Sox pitchers looked rusty save Alex Wilson who struck out three. Methinks he wants to make the big club out of spring training. I rather suspect he will be disappointed in that, but he’s definitely one of the guys who should get called up when injuries strike.

All three Red Sox runs were driven in by shortstop prospects, which was interesting. Don and Jerry said that Jose Iglesias put on ten pounds of muscle in the off season. He may look a little thicker around the middle, but he’s still pretty scrawny. Still, he hit a two run homer on a nice high fat pitch. Progress, as we say, is progress. Xander Bogaerts drove in the other run with a nice hard single in the ninth.

Other than that, pretty boring game, but baseball is back and all is well with the world.


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