It’s A Goddamn Shame

It’s a goddamn shame that Marvin Miller didn’t make the Hall of Fame before he died.

He’s on the short list of people who had the biggest impact on the game ever. Once you get past the very early days when the game was created and the leagues we know of know were created, who was more important? Ban Johnson and Branch Rickey, come to mind. Others not so much, but I’m open to arguments.

But among those who have contributed to the game, almost all of those in the Hall contributed less than Marvin Miller.

It’s a goddamn shame that Marvin Miller was necessary.

The Reserve Clause wasn’t struck down until 1975. Think about that. Three quarters of the way into the twentieth century, this game operated under a system that gave the players no options whatsoever. It was manifestly unfair that the people who made the game worth watching were not the ones being rewarded.

It’s just a goddamn shame all around.