Greek Godspeed, Kevin Youkilis

Sometimes we don’t like things that are good for us. Vitamins, vaccines, prostate exams, you know the drill.

Thus it is with Youks leaving for Chicago.

It’s probably good for us. Youks is increasingly looking old. He’s not hitting. Worse, for a man who always got on base everywhere he went, he’s not getting on base. His OPS is below .700 and his OBP is .315.

Middlebrooks is younger, healthier, and probably better.

And yet, Youks was one of us. He was ours. We’ve heard about him since he showed up to Lowell and put up an OBP of .512 while walking on average more than once a game.

And he’s one of the 25.  He may have had just two plate appearances in the 2004 post season but he played seventy games at third to help get there.

There are eight players still alive who have twice won the World Series with the Red Sox. Kevin Youkilis is one of them and we love him for it.


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