I Just Learned A Little Something Interesting About The Rays

The Rays are 10-3 in one run games which, unsurprisingly, means their run differential is +7 in such games.

Their overall run differential is +10 which means they are +3 in all their other games.

I don’t know that it means anything, I just find it intriguing.


This Team Troubles Me

I don’t have much patience for people who tell others that they aren’t fan enough. It seems to me such a pointless exercise to weigh fandom so I say this merely for perspective.

I have watched almost every game this team has played, be it spring training, regular or post season for the past twenty years. I watched the “Where is Roger” game on my honeymoon. I remember Matt Young’s no hitter that wasn’t. I remember Roger Clemens’ first major league hit. If there is a game available for watching, I’m watching it unless there is a compelling reason not to.

And I find this team to be the least compelling team I can remember.

The manager is an ass who seems to make a special point of leaving starters in three batters too long.

The best pitchers seem more capable of demonstrating a remarkably tone deaf indifference to public opinion than they have of getting people out.

Clay Buchholz has been more terrible than John Lackey’s wettest dream.

We should be clear. This team is probably going to end up winning at least 90 games and finishing third at worst and I have less desire to watch them than I had of teams that would have had to make multiple deals with multiple devils to reach 90 wins.