Sox set roster; 9 on DL ($59.27m) – Boston Red Sox Blog – ESPN Boston

Sox set roster; 9 on DL ($59.27m) – Boston Red Sox Blog – ESPN Boston.

It’s almost comedic. The Red Sox are starting the season with more dollars in talent on the DL than the Rays had on the roster that went to the post season last year.

That, ultimately, is the difference between the haves and have nots. The haves can waste a bunch of money on bad decisions while the have nots can’t.

As for the roster itself, I mostly have three comments.

Aceves as closer is a mistake. You get the most out of him when you use him multiple innings and multiple days. With Bard and Doubront both likely to be making a lot of starts of less than six innings, Aceves is the perfect bridge from them to the 8th.

Justin Thomas is on the roster to get lefties out. I’m not convinced he can do it any better than Junichi Tazawa who can, of course, also get righties out with some degree of competence.

And finally, Michael Bowden. Really? I would love to be surprised but I don’t see how Michael Bowden belongs on a major league roster.

I’d dump Bowden and Thomas for Tazawa and Ciriaco.


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